Our Idea!

Medication adherence is an important challenge for many patients with chronic conditions, most of them elderly. So the idea is to propose a design of a medication reminder and dispensing machine, including both the pill and the continuous medical tablet/powder bag reminder modules. It is aimed at developing low-cost, portable and easy-to-use pill dispenser .The pill module uses the LED and the buzzer to remind the user according to a specific schedule which has been inputted. The buzzer will sound and flash LED to remind the user to take pills from a specific bag. It contains pills for 30+ days. If the user does not take the pill within some time it sends GSM based SMS notifications to the care-takers. In current medicine dispensers no pills can be added or stopped during the half time of the months. To overcome this, the Arduino and stepper motor are interfaced with the pill boxes to change the routine of the pills.

Have a Personal Assistance for your Medication!


Easily Configurable:

Connect your phone through Bluetooth and easily configure to your device.
Set Time / Schedule for taking tablets
Set Pill box number
Set number of pills froms each box

Get notification:

Get an SMS alert to your configured mobile number if pills are not taken at time

User Experience :

PRANKS is user centrically designed and developer particullarly for elderly people.

Easy Refill of pills :

Each type of pills can be seperately reloaded easily ,in seperate pill boxes.

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